Are there any decent Fold up treadmills out there?

It’s a question I tend to get asked a lot. Fold up treadmills offer the convenience of saving space. Especially if you live in a medium sized home or apartment. The last thing you want is a fitness machine that just clogs up space when not in use.  There is a friend of mine who enjoys running every morning on his treadmill. Unfortunately for him he sustained a minor injury that meant no more treadmill for at least 8 weeks. Because he has a large treadmill that doesn’t fold he’s left with a machine that just sits there.

When you consider fold up treadmills you need to be aware of the quality of the machine. You will find quite a few folding machines to lack in quality i.e. motor power low, low tread belt quality and lack of programs. But this is not true for the Bowflex series 7 treadmill.

For those of you who have never heard of Bowflex review here –, they manufacture good quality home fitness equipment and machines. They specialize in the treadmill markets. With the Bowflex series 7, there are some good features to look out for. For example, the 3.0 horsepower motor allows for intense workouts so that you can really take it up to the fitness level you want to attain another review here – . The maximum speed is 11 m.p.h. with a top incline level of 12%, so there’s no excuses for an intense workout. Fitness enthusiasts know that intensity in your workouts equals results! It comes with 15 workout programs so you can try a variety of exercise levels.

Fold up treadmills like the Bowflex series 7 is heavy in weight. The machine is sturdy due to its weight and comes with a large running surface. Compare the weight to the Schwinn 860 or the Nautilus T516, the Bowflex series 7 wins. The warranty is good, so you have that piece of mind just in case things don’t workout the way you expected. The built in 3 speed fan is standard compared to the more high end treadmills, but considering you are spending $2000 or so less, I don’t think it should be a major issue? Overall, I think you will agree the Bowflex series 7 treadmill offers an excellent home fitness machine at a reasonable price.

There are of course many other fold up treadmills like the Sole F85 or the Sole F80, but in terms of popularity the Bowflex series 7 wins hands down. When looking for any folding treadmill be sure you are not compromising the quality of the machine. With the series 7, the quality surely does remain.

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