5 Great Drinks That Don’t Contain Sugar

While you might think that there are no good drinks that don’t contain sugar, but here’s where you’d be surprised. You can enjoy drinks sans sugar, and to prove it to you, I am listing my 5 favorite drinks that don’t contain sugar.


Yes, water might be everyone’s boring aunt who is always there for you, reliable – but not that exciting otherwise – but water is a non-sugary drink that is not only good for you – it’s literally something you cannot live without. You can add some flavor to it, like cucumber-infused water, or some lemon-infused water, to spice it up a bit, but regular filtered water, or alkaline water, is a great drink without the sugar.

Sparkling seltzer water

Don’t judge and think that water and sparkling water are the same, because they oh so aren’t. Sparkling seltzer water is a great alternative to that oh-so-bad-for-you pop, but it gives you the carbonation and bubbles that you might crave, or that are helpful for stomach aches. There are also naturally flavored seltzer waters too, such as grapefruit and lime.

Iced tea

So a caveat to enjoying iced tea is that you should avoid the premixed iced teas from the store, as these often have sugar in them, or flavorings like high fructose corn syrup. Instead, pick your favorite flavor of tea bag, prepare it in a large jug, and cool. Add ice and there you have it!

Low-fat or skim milk

If you’re looking to add a bit of calcium to your diet, you can look into low-fat or skim milk, which provide a good source of vitamins and minerals, and protein. They do tend to be more on the calories and carbs side though, so just be aware when you’re figuring out portions.

Black coffee

Before adding anything like sugar or cream to it, black coffee is a non-sugar drink that you can enjoy to wake you up in the morning, or give you a bit of a kick in the afternoon. I don’t recommend that you drink coffee all the time, but this is a better option than a lot of items out there.

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Vintage Diamond Band Rings

There has been a huge resurgence in interest towards vintage diamond band rings in recent years. It is hard to attribute the exact reason for this increase, but it is certain that many young couples are opting for vintage rings, while they are also being given for all types of other occasions, as well. Vintage diamond rings provide an elegant look that is perfect for a wide variety of people, occasions, and sentiments. What are the reasons that rings from years past are becoming more and more popular? It is hard to say exactly, but there are several things that could factor in to their popularity. For instance, many people are finding that they enjoy the classic elegance of a vintage ring. For better or worse, modern diamond rings are much different than their vintage counterparts, and some people prefer the softer cuts, flattering settings, and individual craftsmanship put into vintage rings.

When looking at vintage diamond rings, you should use a lot of the same guidelines that you would use when shopping for any other type of diamond ring. There are some differences, however. As mentioned before, the cut of a vintage diamond will be different than in a modern one, because lasers are now used to give sharp, pleasing angles.

tanzaniterings_48Also, colored diamonds were much more popular in vintage rings, so you won’t be looking for the type of clarity that is desired in today’s rings…at least, not if you prefer a colored beautiful tanzanite engagement rings! Finally, you may find that you do not require as large of a diamond in a vintage ring, as the settings that were used are much more complementary to the look of smaller diamonds.

As with vintage antiques and other items, there is a lot to be said for vintage diamond rings. Truly classic items like a beautiful vintage ring never really go out of style, and can be appreciated for years, and probably even generations, to come. They are available in a wide variety of styles and price ranges, and it is more than likely that there is a perfect vintage ring for you.

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